Wednesday, 5 September 2012

About this blog

If you have been directed here from one of our websites, then you have some interest in or curiosity about management information systems (MIS). If you arrived here through an internet search, you also have at least a passing curiosity about MIS's although you probably have never heard of myself, or webfactotum.

However, if you have stumbled across this blog purely by accident and maybe don't even know what an MIS is then you are also very welcome to browse the blog. Our approach is that internet technology is the most democratic technological development yet, since it has the universal scope and utility to make it accessible to all.

In this blog, I want to evangelise about web based MIS's and all that they can do for businesses in particular, but really, all kinds of organisations. Also, these benefits are not just for the big boys. They really are within reach of virtually everyone.

So, if you have even only a passing interest, and don't want to do battle with a lot of technical jargon and obfuscation, you may be pleasantly surprised by my future posts. You may even be interested enough to want to find out more about what an MIS can do for you.

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